Applying to Colleges ..

Points to remember while you apply:

Most of the US Colleges prefer Common Application Forms. If you can complete one Common Application Form, it can be sent to different colleges with minor changes. Many colleges require one or two additional forms to complete the application process.

Colleges accepts the common application form online. Usually the application fee of $40-$75 is charged from the applying students.Many colleges have a fee waiver option which requires recommendation from the school teacher.

A very important part of your application are the essays that you are asked to write. Normally you have to write two essays with the common application form and one additional essay of their choice.

Other colleges where you cannot use the Common Application Forms, the application forms are available online. You may download the form, fill it in and send it by post. Otherwise you may apply online.

Once you complete SAT Tests, you will start receiving Application Forms from different colleges.