What do you do after you finish school?

You are studying hard for your ISC, CBSE (put in all others) and soon you will embark on the most important journey of your life and it is important to explore all avenues that are available to you. I take it that you are the adventurous type and that is why you are here, so letís begin.

To go to college in a foreign country away from home takes a lot of courage, especially from the aspiring young adult in you, so to make the process of applying to such a venture easier and more streamlined, we present to you this web site. Here you will find help from the experiences of students, just like you who went thorough the process successfully, tips and useful links throughout the web pages designed to make your time spent on this site very rewarding.

Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? So roll up your sleeves and begin the voyage that will give you the opportunity to accomplish everything you wanted in your life.

Best Wishes.