When and How ..

When to start and how to start:


So, lets start now. You must be wondering when is the right time to start? The ideal time is in the month of January, while in Class XI.

At first it might appear to you that it is a very long process and you may get disheartened at times. But you need to be focussed and try hard. You can do it without affecting your normal school work.


There are certain tests you need to take, and to appear for these, you have to register yourself.To know more about these tests, go to Qualifying Tests Page of this website. It is necessary to have a valid Passport to be allowed to enter the test venue.

So apply for your Passport (if you do not have one) as early as possible. If you are from India, visit the website of Passport and Visa Division for information on Passport application and the rules. You can down load the Forms from the website.

Next step is College Search. The only website we recommend is CollegeBoard

To learn how to do College Search go to College Search page of this Website.